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New "CRAFT / LOCAL BEER" Section on our Menu!

Bringing in some new brews

Brewing Up Trouble

We've decided to add a lovely new section to our Beer List we're calling the "Craft / Local" section.

It will be a rotating list of beers from craft and / or local breweries. We're doing this in order to support more artisans and smaller business whilst bringing new flavors to our customers! Most will be cans and served with a chilled glass.

We're really passionate about supporting other small businesses and are always open to brainstorming & collaborating!

Please feel free to comment below on what local, craft, micro, et al brewery you'd like us to rotate in!

The First Beers To Grace This Outfit:

Societe Brewing - The Harlot

FROM: San Diego, CA

STYLE: Belgian Blonde IPA - 5.6% ABV | 12oz Can

Saaz & Styrian Golding Hops, European Pilsner Malts

The Harlot is crisp, light and easy-drinking. Straddling the (non-existent) border of Belgium and the Czech Republic, it combines a Pilsner-like base-recipe with Belgian yeast to create a versatile beer with a light body and elegant, floral hop character (source: Societe Brewing).

We brought this baby in originally on draft, and everyone loved it! So we thought we'd shake things up by bringing her in in a different form.

Societe Brewing - The Pupil

FROM: San Diego, CA

STYLE: San Diego IPA - 7.5% ABV | 12oz Can

Saaz & Styrian Golding Hops, European Pilsner Malts

The Pupil is a smooth, medium-bodied, pleasantly dry IPA with forward aromas and flavor evocative of tropical fruit. Notes of guava and mango are most commonly detected by connoisseurs of this gently bittered beer (source: Societe Brewing).

Local Brewing Co. - Duboce IPA

FROM: San Francisco, CA

STYLE: West Coast IPA - 7.0% ABV | 16oz Can

The Duboce IPA is strong, vibrant and eclectic. With five malts and four types of hops, it packs a wallop of aroma, flavor and complexity while maintaining a balanced body. This is definitely a true West Coast IPA, with hop aroma, flavor and bitterness -- it's not for the faint of hop (source: Local Brewing Co).

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