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Bringing in some new brews

Brewing Up Trouble

We've decided to add a lovely new section to our Beer List we're calling the "Craft / Local" section.

It will be a rotating list of beers from craft and / or local breweries. We're doing this in order to support more artisans and smaller business whilst bringing new flavors to our customers! Most will be cans and served with a chilled glass.

We're really passionate about supporting other small businesses and are always open to brainstorming & collaborating!

Please feel free to comment below on what local, craft, micro, et al brewery you'd like us to rotate in!

The First Beers To Grace This Outfit:

Societe Brewing - The Harlot

FROM: San Diego, CA

STYLE: Belgian Blonde IPA - 5.6% ABV | 12oz Can

Saaz & Styrian Golding Hops, European Pilsner Malts

The Harlot is crisp, light and easy-drinking. Straddling the (non-existent) border of Belgium and the Czech Republic, it combines a Pilsner-like base-recipe with Belgian yeast to create a versatile beer with a light body and elegant, floral hop character (source: Societe Brewing).

We brought this baby in originally on draft, and everyone loved it! So we thought we'd shake things up by bringing her in in a different form.

Societe Brewing - The Pupil

FROM: San Diego, CA

STYLE: San Diego IPA - 7.5% ABV | 12oz Can

Saaz & Styrian Golding Hops, European Pilsner Malts

The Pupil is a smooth, medium-bodied, pleasantly dry IPA with forward aromas and flavor evocative of tropical fruit. Notes of guava and mango are most commonly detected by connoisseurs of this gently bittered beer (source: Societe Brewing).

Local Brewing Co. - Duboce IPA

FROM: San Francisco, CA

STYLE: West Coast IPA - 7.0% ABV | 16oz Can

The Duboce IPA is strong, vibrant and eclectic. With five malts and four types of hops, it packs a wallop of aroma, flavor and complexity while maintaining a balanced body. This is definitely a true West Coast IPA, with hop aroma, flavor and bitterness -- it's not for the faint of hop (source: Local Brewing Co).


Our friend Adela is coming in to share some of her favorite Mexican Dishes!

Weekend Menu with a Mexican Flair

If you know our Boss Lady, you know she's all about celebrating different cultures and good food. So to spice up the Plymouth Hotel dining experience this week, she's bringing in one of her favorite Plymouth locals to serve up some AH-MAZING, authentic Mexican food - JUST IN TIME for Hispanic Heritage Month and Mexico's Independence Day !

Our Featured Chef is... ADELA!

A friend & mother to one of our beloved staff members, Adela knows her stuff when it comes to Mexican flavors & cuisine x

To Answer Your Questions:

  1. WHEN? Authentic Mexican Food will be available Friday & Saturday this week

  2. There will be other Plymouth Hotel dishes available, but it will be a limited menu

  3. PIZZA? No not this weekend, eat some enchiladas instead!

To Make Things Even Better:

We love giving back whenever we can, and Adela has requested we donate some of this weekend's revenue to those affected by the recent fires in California.

We love to keep things interesting at the Plymouth Hotel, and this is not a weekend to miss!

Join us in and support local talent x

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